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Shades Of Grey

for anyone questioning their sexuality

Shades Of Grey >>> questioning your sexuality?
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In 2005 goth_bird, lady_adrian and ankh_definition created a site called ‘Maybe Gay’, however real life got in the way and it ended up half finished and hardly used. One day ankh_definition had a brainwave and thought ‘Hey why don’t we create something similar on LJ?’.

She recruited co-mods: guest_age, hamhead and nefyr; and called the community ‘maybe_grey1’ - firstly because maybe_grey was taken and secondly because we wanted the name to be able to appear in your user info without it raising unwanted suspicion from people you know who might view your page. It is obviously a play on the phrase ‘Maybe Gay’ combined with the actual name of the community ‘Shades of Grey’ (explained below).


Maybe Gay was a site to help people explore, understand and come to terms with their sexuality, and also help to eradicate homophobia by creating awareness. We hope to achieve the same thing here.

This community’s main purpose is for people (perhaps like you) that are questioning their sexuality, or struggling with it to seek support.

This can be done through creating a post in which you ask a question, or share your thoughts and experiences, or through responding to other people’s posts.

In time your mods plan to create general information entries that will be linked to in the user info, such as a true or false about the myths associated with homosexuality.

All ages, sexualities and genders are welcome.

Note: We encourage members to friends-lock their entries if they wish to, so if the community doesn't look active at first glance this is why. Join or friend this community to have access to post, or to read/comment on friends-locked entries.

Why ‘Shades of Grey’?

We called the community Shades Of Grey (we know it’s so original!) since ankh_definition has been referring to people’s sexuality as having ‘a grey area’ for such a long time now that it makes sense for us to call it that.

Ankh says: “I believe that it is very rare for someone to be totally straight or totally gay, I think most people have a grey area in which they are attracted to people that are not necessarily their preferred sex. For example, I identify as a lesbian, but sometimes I find myself attracted to the opposite sex. It isn’t enough for me to identify as bisexual, because I have a strong preference for women, so I call it my grey area.”


The internet is a great place to seek information anonymously, however if your friends know of your LJ user name and you wish to remain completely anonymous in this community, your mods suggest that you create another account especially for posting here.


+ Respect others.
+ Discrimination, prejudice and homophobia will not be tolerated.
+ Please try to remain on topic.
+ It is fair to express an opinion, but please do not try to force your's on others.

+ Use an LJ-CUT for:

~ Any entry over 25 lines long.
~ Any entry containing sexual content or swearing (please provide a warning above the cut).

How to create an LJ-CUT can be found HERE.

This page has a list of links to all. If you want to find your own entries or another person's, just click the link to the apporpriate tag. It would be appreciated if you tagged each entry you post with your user name.

Any post or comment that breaks any rules will be deleted and the people responsible may be asked to leave.

The rules are to ensure that this is a safe and caring environment in which no one feels threatened; please respect them.


If you wish to advertise your community here, please e-mail the mods and request permission first. If we approve your ad, you may post it. All others will be deleted.

You may contact us at: ankh_definition [at] livejournal [dot] com
OR ikaci [at] livejournal [dot] com

Thank you ♥

Your Mods,

ankh_definition (Ankh), guest_age, hamhead and nefyr

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