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A grab bag of questions I can't ask anyone else...

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As of right now, all entries posted to the community will be automatically friends locked, so you no longer need to worry about remembering to do it yourself. If, for some reason, you make a post and want it to be public, post it, then edit the post and change the security setting to "public" instead of friends and it will be public.

As you guys know, this community is about acceptance and love. It's about support and guidance. And I'd like to offer some support to you all right now, by way of an article that was mentioned to me by someone on my friends list.

You guys may have people in your life who tell you that being different is "a choice" or "a sin" or any other number of things. Well guess what? I'm here to tell you that it's NOT a choice and that you have nothing to be ashamed of. And I come bearing scientific proof to back me up.

This article, entitled "The Gay Animal Kingdom" talks about a study that Joan Roughgarden, a professor of biology at Stanford University, has been doing. She's even written a book about it. You can read the article for yourself, but I will summarize it for those who don't wish to read it all.

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here. A little about me. I am a 20 Year old Female. I am an actor, dancer and singer, I'm in a degree program to get a degree in graphic design and animation.And I'm confused about my sexuality. I definitely know that I'm not straight. I think I'm a lesbian, but I honestly don't know. It's really bothering me that I don't know who I am. I mean, when I'm onstage it's like ok.. I know who this character is I can be this character. But, in Real life..I don't know who I truly am. Right now, I feel like I'm just playing some character, being the daughter my parents want me to be, being the friend my friends want me to be, and not being true to who I am..because truthfully, I don't know who I am. It's driven me to the point of depression. I need help discovering who I am..otherwise I may just go insane.

Thanks. It felt good to get that out.
*waves* hi, first time poster.

I'm 17, and I've just left school, I live in England and you can call me Max or Maria. Either is good.

While I find myself in "situations" with both boys and girls, i've not decided what sexuality i am... I confuse myself when I can find girls and boys attractive, but have found for some reason cannot express my attraction to either unless inebriated... lol.

I think that's all for now. :)
As far back as I remember, I always identified myself as a lesbian. Of course, mostly becasue my parents dissaprove of homosexuality and such, I never pursued any sort of relationship with a woman. Then when I was fifteen I met a great guy. We are now together. Yet, I never feel attracted to other men and I really want to be with a woman. I am turning 18 in a few days. I have been going to college and I have more freedom from my parents now. My bf and I talk about everything so he knows. He has mentioned threesomes, but that is not what I want. I love him but I do not think I could have a family or kids, which he wants eventually.

Well, there's my lil moment in the sun! I just wanted to add that I really like this community so far. :)
Hi there. I just joined this community after hearing about it on HP Girlslash. Just thought I'd introduce my self with a little description of what I'm going through. Note, if you disapprove of religion, don't read.

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I was mucking around with PSP and my touchpad and came up with some avs I'd like to share:

1. 2. 3.

Use any way you want, credit is nice but not necessary, you can use the little people for summat else if you so desire. :)

So, tell me what you think!
Hey all. I just joined, amidst the seeming flurry of new members.

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I finally did what I was planning to do for a while now - every person who has posted now has each of their posts tagged. Each tag is identical to that person's user name. It would save me having to tag entries in the future if you entered your user name into the "Tags" box at the bottom of the update page, but it isn't not a problem if you forget.

This page has a list of all current tags, with links to each one. If you want to find your own entries or another person's, just click the link to the apporpriate tag.

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email one of the mods.

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